Internet Week: Catch Me If You Can

I’m crawling out of my cave temporarily for Internet Week…  here’s the fun stuff I’m participating in.

Tuesday, 1:30PM - Social Food Apps
At the Internet Week HQ you’ll see a discussion about new apps that help you make decisions about what to do when your wallet is out; whether you’re at the grocery store or sitting down for a gourmet meal. Anyone with an HQ pass can attend and it will also be livestreamed. This isn’t about apps that help you find the places to eat or stores to buy from, it’s about the apps that tell you what you should or shouldn’t get once you’re there! Participants: Foodspotting, Eat This Not That, Grubster, and Snooth. I’ll kick things off and then leave it to these guys.

Wednesday, 12PM - The Future of Food Reviewing
I was asked to moderate the panel The Future of Food Reviewing for the Food 2.0 Track because I no longer have any horses in that race. The panel and event is curated by the good folks at Food And Tech Connect. I just ask the questions, but it should be fun. Participants - Yelp, Bizzy, Flavorize, Tasting Table, and Foodspotting

Thursday, 4PM - We Are NY Tech!
Why is the NY Tech Scene thriving? I have a few thoughts and will be joining fellow panelists from Fitocracy, Loosecubes, and Sfter to share some insights. 

If you find me at any of these events, I have Consmr stickers and Consmr “Flair” (buttons) so be sure to ask me for them!

Answering The Webby Call

The Webby Awards have played a significant role in my life the last few years. Last year the mobile site I manage was a Webby Nominee (which means “Finalist” in Webby speak) thanks to some pioneering features like being the first in the space to let users write and publish review from their phones. Some sites still don’t let you do that! It was close… but I ended up on the losing end of things.

This year was even more exciting because I had not one, but two different Webby Nominee apps (one iPhone, and a totally different Augmented Reality Android app). What are the odds of having two different apps nominated? Well unfortunately, both lost out. Two-time loser and a double loser, ouch.

So what’s next? Well the Webby board took notice of some of things I’ve done in the mobile space… so I’m proud to say I am now an Executive Member of the IADAS (International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences), which is the judging body of the Webby Awards! 

Pretty crazy. I’m just a guy who likes phones and technology. All of the over exposure to cell phone radiation was worth it!